A List for July

by theselfmadestylist

I love lists.

There’s something about a crisp sheet of paper and a freshly sharpened pencil that promises a fresh start- a chance to begin again and get things done! A tick or a crisp line struck through a task can be so rewarding.
But lists can be many things; a great way to reflect, dream or be thankful or just as a snapshot of a specific time in your life.
Here’s a list of what I’m up to this July!

Currently I’m

Reading… The Road – Cormac mcCarthy & Lonely Planet New York City Guide!

Playing… Furr – Blitzen Trapper

Trying… to get back into studying some French

Cooking… simple and comforting winter dishes like these

EatingMeredith Dairy goat’s cheese seriously incredible (eat well!)

Drinking… hot cups of English breakfast tea

Pinningwhite bricks

Loving… that in 14 days I’m leaving on an overseas adventure (travel often!)

Not loving … how cold it is!

Discovering… WordPress!

Enjoying… planning for my upcoming trip (more on this later!)

Thinking… about sleep

Feeling… sleepy!

Smelling… my incredible Voluspa Baltic Amber candle

Thankful For…family, friends, how lucky I am to have the means & freedom to travel

Considering… my options

Finishing… an incredibly delicious jar of cherry jam

Starting…a blog!

Eat Well, Travel Often xo